(English)”Rebuilding Japan after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami”
(traditional Chinese character(s))「東日本大震災之後的日本再生」
3適塾懇談会「大阪・御堂筋地区構想~アジアの商都核形成 住まいと賑わいを~」2010.8


119th International Conference on
Decarbonization and the Future of Cities
Dec.2-4th, 2022Yokohama, Japan
217th International Conference on
Urban Built Environment beyond the Global Pandemic
Dec.19-20th, 2020Kitakyushu,Japan
316th International Conference on
Sustainable Urban Design in Asia City II
Nov.08-09th, 2019Matsushima,Japan
415th International Conference on
Building the Smart and Resilient City
Oct.17-19th, 2018Jeju, Korea
514th International Conference on
Sustainable Energy and Environment
Nov.06-08th, 2017Osaka, Japan
613th International Conference on
Green Building and Smart City
Oct.08-10th, 2016Changchun, China
712th International Conference on
Survival strategy in the rapidly changing urban environment
Oct.10-12th, 2015Kitakyushu,Japan
811th International Conference on
Attitudes Towareds Safe & Sustainable City
Nov.6-8th, 2014Daegu, Korea
910th International Conference on
Self-sustaining & Distributed Network Society
Sep.29th-Oct.1st, 2013Chino, Japan
109th International Conference on
Sustainable & Smart Community Development
Nov.17-19th, 2012Taipei, Taiwan, China
118th International Conference on
Sep.10th, 2011Osaka, Japan
127th International Conference on
Sustainable Urban Design in Asia City
Nov.20th, 2010Sendai, Japan
136th International Symposium of AIUE
Energy Conservation and Carbon off in Asia City
Sept.21-23th, 2009Changchun, China
145th International Symposium of AIUE
Creation of Asian City Model for Sustainable Development
Nov.24-26th, 2008Toyama, Japan
154th International Symposium of AIUE
Energy and Water COP in University Campus
Sept.2-4th, 2007Busan, Korea
16International Symposium of AIUE
Sustainable Deveropment of Asia City Environment
Nov.23-25th, 2005Xi’an, China